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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy B'day Abe

Today I had the pleasure of attending a ceremony honoring the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln. The ceremony was held at the Lincoln family graveyard just outside of Broadway, Virginia. It may surprise some to know that the Lincoln family has very deep roots in the Shenandoah Valley. The location of the family graveyard is close to where Lincoln's father was born and lived before the family moved to Kentucky. Many of the President's relatives are buried there, including his great-grandfather and his cousin, who was also named Abraham Lincoln.

The ceremony was conducted by Bridgewater College President Phillip C. Stone.


Anonymous Tugboat Phil said...

I know this has nothing to do with President Lincoln, his family, or Virginia, but I shall continue. I was stationed at Ft Sill, Oklahoma in the mid-70s. Quite by accident I noticed a sign on one of the small roads that crossed the base. It had an arrow pointing and below it read, "Geronimo's Grave." I followed the dirt road for less than a mile and there was a small cemetary surrounded by a wrought iron fence.

Sure enough, there was a marker with Geronimo on it. I can't recall an inscription, but am sure it had one. I paused for a few moments, out of respect for such a fierce warrior. I found it a little sad that he was buried on an Army base. The grave was not widely known about, as I asked many others stationed with me if they'd ever seen it.

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