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Monday, February 20, 2006

George W. Bush is Harriet Miers

Over at NRO, John Derbyshire makes this interesting point about the problem that many conservatives have in truly embracing Dubya the way we did with Ronald Reagan. As Derbyshire says:
Reagan came out of an America whose commanding heights, cultural and political, were held by liberals. Yet he was a true conservative, of great principle and conviction. In the later America from which GWB emerged, conservative ideas were much more accessible & widespread, and there was a wider, deeper pool of real conservative from which the GOP might have chosen its presidential candidates. Yet here is a guy from that much-improved background, who is insouciant to, perhaps (I wouldn't personally rule it out) ignorant of, two of the most fundamental principles of modern conservatism: fiscal restraint and government limitation.
I can't disagree.


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