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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Foot in Mouth Epidemic

The national Democratic Party just can't seem to get things right. Despite the President's unpopularity, the Abramhoff scandal, and a host of other problems for the Republican party, the Dems just can't seem to capitalize on those miscues by the opposition. In fact, it is often the Dems who are seen as shooting themselves in the foot.

The politicization of Coretta Scott King's funeral by the Dems is just another example of the tin ear that Democrats have developed towards the American public. Bill Clinton in particular has done a great disservice to the office of the Presidency by engaging in repeated criticism of his successor for the purpose of creating a easier road for his wife to the Democratic nomination in '08. During Clinton's presidency you NEVER heard George Bush the elder criticizing Clinton's policies because Bush believed in the tradition of decorum and deference surrounding the office. Clinton has brazenly broken with that tradition and started a disturbing trend that will only serve to deepen the political divide in this nation.

Similarly, Illinois Senator Barak Obama, who many in the Democratic party see as their savior, has run into a bit of this foot in mouth disease as well. Obama was ripped by Sen. John McCain this week for backing out of his agreement to work with the Arizona Senator on bipartisan lobbying reform. This bit of partisan gamesmanship comes only shortly after Obama defended Hillary Clinton's "plantation" remarks regarding the House of Representatives. For someone who has carefully crafted an image as a person who is above the partisan fray, Obama's true colors are starting to shine through. I guess when you are vying for a Veep slot, all that bipartisan mumbo-jumbo goes out the window.

While Democrats and their MSM allies have tried hard to trumpet this year as the one when the Dems will take back Congress, I have my doubts. It's going to be hard for the American people to hear anything the Dems have to say as long as they keep putting those feet in their mouths.


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