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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cheney speculation

John J. Miller over at NRO has a great article speculating on the fate of the Vice Presidency should Dick Cheney decide to step aside for any reason. Miller floats some interesting possibilities such as Condi Rice, Mitch Daniels, Bob Dole and John Roberts. Here are some more, just for fun:

Newt Gingrich
Marc Racicot
Jack Kemp
John Ashcroft
Alberto Gonzalez
Dan Quayle (just because)

Still, as much fun as it is to speculate, an astute friend of mine asked me the following question this weekend, "Why would we want Cheney to step down?" Her point: Cheney is loathed by the left and basically acts as a heat shield for Bush. Everytime some hot-button issue arises, Cheney gets dispatched to defend the administration policy and take the slings and arrows from the media and the left. Then, once the policy seeds are sufficiently sown, the President comes in to reap the harvest.

Not a bad strategy.


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