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Monday, February 20, 2006

The Cheney Farce

Mason Conservative has a really good post about the MSM's rediculous behavior surrounding the whole Cheney shooting episode. Honestly, the media are acting like spoiled, self-absorbed children desperately trying to make sure that everyone's attention is focused solely on them. It is true that Cheney should have come out right away to apologize for his mistake but the media are trying to turn a hunting accident into a metaphor for the entire Bush administration, which is beyond absurd.

The funny thing is that the traditional media is so threatened by the emergence of cable news and the internet, that they actually seem to be accelerating their demise by switching into desperation mode trying to create sensational stories (See Katrina death tolls) that will prove their relevance.

Meanwhile, as the MSM heralds the demise of the Republican party, the majority of Americans are looking around at thousands of new jobs, lower taxes, a booming economy, relatively low interest rates, gas prices that are back to reasonable levels, and most importantly, no terrorist attacks on U.S. soil since 9/11. Basically, Americans are pretty happy right now, but you wouldn't know it from reading, watching, and listening to the MSM.


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