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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Allen v. Webb: The Websites

At this early stage of the Senate campaign it is difficult to discern any distinct advantages (aside from incumbency) on either side. As a result I did a little web searching today to see what the candidates' websites have to offer.

Frankly, I was quite disappointed in Senator Allen's campaign website. Granted, there is tons of info available on his official Senate website, but as of now, the campaign website is sorely lacking. The graphics are pretty and there is the obligatory donation button, but not much else. The funniest part about this is that Allen devotes an entire section of the small site to saying what a leader he is on the Internet. For someone who professes to care so much about this forum of information and claims, at least in his mailings, to be taking this campaign seriously, his website does little to prove it.

The Webb-site (ha, ha) is not as pleasing to the eye, but much more substantial in terms of content. Webb has a lengthy bio detailing his impressive record of public service and literary accomplishments. Granted, that resume is probably Webb's greatest strength given his lack of any service in elective office, but it is impressive nonetheless. Also Webb has a good collection of links to news stories that give folks more information about him. They even link the National Review! All in all, it's a pretty good website for someone who has just gotten into the race so recently.

Of course, Webb's biggest problem might be convincing the Democratic establishment to embrace him. That problem was highlighted this morning by Governor Tim Kaine on WTOP when he indicated that he had not yet even recieved a cursory phone call from the candidate for the Democratic nomination for the US Senate. You can listen to those comments here.


Blogger Chris Porter said...

I heard that as well. I wonder if Webb will call Kaine if he gets the nomination?

8:12 PM

Blogger Lucy Jones said...

I'm beginning to wonder if Webb is even a real person... He is Zero on public appearances.

7:01 PM


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