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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Time to Cut the Cord on Vick

As a Hokie fan, I am extremely proud of what our football team has accomplished this year. Finishing 11-2 is nothing to scoff at and there are many great players on this team, like Humes, Tapp, and Williams that should be recognized for their efforts. However, as I said yesterday
I was also extremely embarrassed by the conduct of Marcus Vick in Monday's game. His intentional stepping on Louisville DE Elvis Dumervil's leg was a no-class act that unfortunately colored VT's Gator Bowl victory.

I am obviously not alone in thinking so as the Roanoke Times' Aaron McFarling, the RTD's Bob Lipper, and even Tech Athletic Director Jim Weaver have weighed in with similar thoughts. Unfortunately, the damage has already been done with the video being played repeatedly on ESPN and the story being talked about in the pages of USAToday.

Frankly, those who are saying this is just part of the game or an isolated incident are fooling themselves. This is a continued pattern of bad behavior on the part of Marcus Vick. I believed that Marcus deserved a second chance at Virginia Tech, and now I believe he has used it up. Anyone who has read this blog knows how dedicated I am to Virginia Tech. I love the school and I will always support the Hokies. But Virginia Tech is bigger than one player, even if his last name is Vick.

Frank Beamer has done an excellent job building the football program and part of that success has been in recruiting. VT has three very capable individuals ready to step into the QB position should VT do the right thing and give Vick his walking papers. As we saw last year, VT will only go as far as their QB will lead them. I am more than ready to give Glennon, Holt, or Whittaker an opportunity to lead this team, even if it means losing a game or two more than we would with Vick at the helm.

I encourage all Hokie fans who are as fed up with Vick as I am to email Virginia Tech AD Jim Weaver ( and express your displeasure.


Blogger Will Vehrs said...

I couldn't agree more. There were other examples of "thuggish" behavior in the first half, too. Beamer needs to clean it up and cut players who won't play clean football.

6:03 PM

Anonymous Dave Woods said...

I guess I agree, but where's the love for Greg Boone and Grant Throckmorton!? (With Marcus, we have, no kidding, SIX QBs next season on roster who have completed redshirt.)

By the way, clicked thru to your blog off a direct link on MyYahoo (in a module). Nice work!

11:24 PM

Blogger Gravesfan said...

As a Hokie alum, I also agree with you.

However, I wonder what role Michael has in keeping Marcus on the team? I know that Michael has given the school a great deal of money. Is the university afraid of alienating one of its greatest financial benefactors?

It all comes down to cash, unfortunately.

Ryan Mayton

9:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marcus Vick’s behavior was clearly unacceptable, as was that of Jimmie Williams. Are they to blame? Sure. But the coaching staff at VT seem to have lost control of this team. There were several occasions this fall where the conduct of the players was unacceptable, but you did not see players being yanked from the game or even dressed down. This needs to change. We don’t want VT to become the next “Miami of personal conduct”!

I was a volunteer athletic trainer when Beamer arrived at the university. It was amazing in the short time that I was with the football team to see the change in the attitude of the players. A truly negative, destructive attitude was replaced by hope and desire by the time that the Spring Game rolled around. It is clear that Beamer and his staff are great at building up the players and giving them confidence, but they need to be a little better about the “tough love” aspect of coaching. This is a critical aspect of developing the whole person as a player and a contributing member of our society.

The true measure of a coach is not just the win-loss record, but includes the quality of the young men who come out of the program on the other side. Conduct of players like Jimmie Williams, Marcus Vick, and others, not just now but throughout the season, brings into question how successful the VT coaching staff has been at this aspect.

Stuart Lee

VT BS ‘87, MS ‘92

10:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is disturbing to see the behavior of VT's football team. If this is the road we have to take in order to win a championship, let's not go.

They need to evaluate what it means when they say "one more chance". Marcus has had more then one and then some. If this goes unpunished, next year he will do something worse and taint all of the accomplishments VT has made.

11:09 AM

Blogger GOPHokie said...

I will agree about the bad bahavior of Marcus, but Beamer has not lost control of his team.
Its easy for everyone to say now that Beamer should have thrown Marcus out of the game since we won, but since we were losing at the time most alums would have went crazy on Beamer had he taken Marcus out.
You have to look at it from his prospective. I wouldnt have taken Marcus out under the circumstances either.

11:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not convinced Williams deserved to be ejected. I couldn't really see everything that happened, but it looked from the replays like he was walking away from the official, the official came up from behind and grabbed him and he threw an elbow to get him off.

I can't tell that he knew it was an official and not another player trying to fight him, I don't know if he had said something to the official, or if the official was trying to get his attention.

But I don't think officials should grab players either, unless they are trying to break up a fight.

I'm not saying he shouldn't have been penalized, just that I'm not sure he should have been ejected from the game.

Vick is a hard case to defend, but we don't really know what was done to him earlier in the game. We know that several players went after his knees earlier, we don't know if this player was one of them. It doesn't excuse what he did, but if he was retaliating for a cheap shot taken at him earlier, it takes it from a 'kick him off the team', to just a "punish him for his immaturity" offense.

i'm not sure I care one way or another, and wouldn't want him on the team simply to win, but cutting him now would probably destroy his career in the NFL, or at least cost him millions of dollars. And I don't think his single act on the field in the heat of the moment deserves that severe of a punishment.

I think those of us who just observe things (especially in politics, but also in sports) are too quick to be judge and jury and impose sentences or pass character judgments that we would never think to do if we actually WERE in charge, had to confront those we accuse, and have a rational discussion of the issues.

It's too easy to take extreme positions when it doesn't really cost us anything.

BTW, given EVERYTHING Marcus has done, I'm not saying a fair hearing wouldn't lead to him being kicked off the team, I'm just saying I don't feel like I'm in any position to pass a multi-million dollar career-threatening judgment on a guy for something I saw on a replay on ESPN.

3:31 AM


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