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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tax Hike Tim

I'll say this for Tim Kaine, at least he doesn't waste time.

The reactions to Kaine's tax hike proposal are already coming fast and furious. Having been out of town all weekend I haven't had time to look things over just yet, but I encourage you to keep tabs on things through our friends at Commonwealth Conservative, One Man's Trash and Bacon's Rebellion (just keep scrolling).

I particularly like this item on a proposed SUV tax, courtesy of Norm Leahy:
[T]he rationalization for the higher fees is absolutely precious:
...even with proposed increase, registration fees will be $24 to $30 below Maryland.
And so it's come to this: using Maryland as a yardstick for Virginia taxation.
This, my friends, is just typical of the type of completely inane and imprudent thinking that has been brought to our Commonwealth courtesy of the Chichester Cabal.


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