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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

State of the Commonwealth Reax

Yes, I did watch Tim Kaine's speech last night. Although I'll admit I did flip over to the red carpet coverage at the Golden Globes a couple of times. I stopped after I thought I saw Preston Bryant and Eva Longoria in the same camera shot.

All in all, it was a fairly unsurprising speech. Kaine talked mainly about spending gobs and gobs of more money on education and transportation. He pledged to work in a bipartisan fashion, as if he had a choice. And he provided very little in the way of specifics. The Richmond Times-Dispatch, Roanoke Times, and Washington Post each have decent coverage of the speech.

Around the blogosphere, Chad Dotson has the rundown, while OMT's Norm Leahy links to a very relevant column in the RTD focusing on transportation. I look forward to more reactions especially from Bacon's Rebellion and Waldo Jaquith.

From my perspective, Kaine is certainly right that something must be done on transportation, and soon. I resist the easy solution of simply throwing more money at the problem and I believe that there will be a vigorous debate over the issue in the months to come. As Kaine pointed out last night, this is a problem that affects ALL Virginians, not just those in the DC suburbs or Hampton Roads. I was encouraged by AG Bob McDonnell's response here:
Tonight, the Governor outlined his vision for the Commonwealth. As the former chief patron of legislation to lock up the Transportation Trust Fund, I was encouraged to hear the Governor continue his support for this proposal, and am hopeful we will continue to increase public-private partnerships as part of the transportation discussion. Improving transportation is but one of many challenges we will face in the years ahead. Working together, we will build a stronger and more secure Commonwealth.
I hope that all Virginians will be engaged in this effort and will demand openness and accountability from their legislators.

Finally, I have to say that Tim Kaine's eyebrow is certain to have a place of prominence among the Virginia electorate for the next four years. That thing is out of control.


Blogger Sam McCord said...

Howabout that Ball State performance served up by Kirk Cox passed to the Senator from Fairfax? I think the RPV needs to invest in some teleprompter training before next years' SOC!

And boom goes the dynamite.

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