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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Q and O on Roy Blount

ODBA member Q and O has some strong thoughts on the race for House Majority Leader. While they stop short of endorsing any one candidate, they do have this to say about Blount:
After spending a half hour listening to him, I think...let's do I put this...

I would rather lick fire ants off a stick than see Roy Blunt as Majority Leader. I'm not at the point of making a firm endorsement of either Reps. Shaddeg or Boehner, but the sun will set in a blazing red sky to the east of Casablanca before I'd want Roy Blunt as Majority leader.
Wow. And that's just the beginning.

Aside from simply skewering Rep. Blount, Q and O had these encouraging words about Rep. John Shadegg:
He was, at times, candid to the point of bluntness about how he thought the Republican leadership had gone astray from the limited government ideals they espoused in the 1994 election.
I couldn't agree more. What the GOP needs more than anything right now is a good House-cleaning. I don't think it does any good to remove Guy #1 then turn around and promote Guy #2 to #1 and say "problem solved!" The American people just aren't going to buy it. I think Shadegg is the right guy to help get the GOP back on track up in DC and avoid disaster come November.


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