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Friday, January 27, 2006

New State Song?

The Roanoke Times reports that, on Wednesday, the Senate Committee on General Laws and Technology approved a bill that would make 'Shenandoah' the interim state song, replacing 'Carry Me Back To Old Virginny' which was declared the state song emeritus by the General Assembly back in 1997. Senate Bill 682 was approved today by the Senate on a vote of 38-0, with Sen. John Edwards (D-Roanoke) not voting.

Personally, the song I favor as a replacement is 'Old Dominion' by the group Eddie From Ohio. Here's the song's chorus:
When you're talking home
you mean the Old Dominion
just southeast of heaven to the surf and the hills
she's the best of thirteen sisters
and thirty seven more
sweet sweet virginia always keeps an open door
You can read the rest of the lyrics here. For those not familiar with EFO, the group is comprised of three former Virginia Tech students and one former JMU student. It is a wonderful song that covers the best of what Virginia has to offer from "the surf" to "the hills." Unfortunately I doubt there will be much support for a state song by a group with another state's name, particularly given the ongoing tiff with Ohio over that whole "Who has more Presidents?" thing.

It seems as though the legislators intend to get this state song issue resolved before the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, I'm just afraid that any 'American idol' style competition will prove to be a disaster and leave people with hurt feelings. I'd prefer the General Assembly just make the decision for themselves.


Blogger Shaun Kenney said...

I second that! This has been my favorite contender for years.

Eddie From Ohio is a great band, homegrown Virginia too.

4:56 PM

Blogger Old Zach said...

Maybe we should start a grassroots campaign!

5:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed! I would've suggested that myself!

7:00 PM

Anonymous Tugboat Phil said...

It mentions Floyd, so count me in!!

7:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It actually wasn't approved. The first Constitutional reading of the bill was waived on a 38-0 vote. It will be up for passage in the Senate next week before going to the House. Long way to travel.

8:57 PM

Blogger Steven said...

Oh, Snap! Turn off the lights, because Jimmy Dean has left the GA building.

Didn't Senator Hanger and Delegate Hall co-chair a joint committee to change the song about a billion years ago?

Now, that's entertainment!

~ the blue dog

12:14 PM

Blogger jujhpkjuhpkjh[pkij said...

I like Eddie from Ohio, too. BUT, I still think the best choice os Sweet Virginia Breeze by Robbin Thompson and Steve Bassett.

1:42 PM

Blogger Wyatt Coleman said...

I've always proposed a compromise. Keep "Carry Me Back" as the official state song, but make singing the lyrics an offense punishable by death. It's just that great a tune.

9:20 PM

Anonymous Bill Brown said...

"Old Dominion" would be a great choice, but I'd also recommend "Across the River," by Coyote Run, a Williamsburg band. I don't know if the song -- which celebrates the founding of Jamestown -- was ever in the running, but it should have been. (Either would have been a far better choice than "Shenandoah.")

2:34 PM


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