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Friday, January 27, 2006

McDonnell Releases Legislative Agenda

On Wednesday, Attorney General Bob McDonnell released his agenda for a "Safer and Stronger Virginia." The platform includes the following proposals:
  • longer prison sentences for convicted sex offenders
  • an improved sex offender registry
  • targeted efforts to combat gangs, drugs and identity theft in the Commonwealth
  • increased cooperation and coordination between federal, state and local authorities to strengthen homeland security
  • fulfilling a campaign promise to reduce the number of frivolous prisoner lawsuits
  • strictly defining "public use" so as to protect the private property of Virginia's property owners
Bob McDonnell is clearly getting off to a strong start as AG with a clear agenda and purpose. He has already set about building a strong platform from which to run in 2009 and will be a force to reckon with should he choose to pursue the Governorship.


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