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Sunday, January 08, 2006


Like it or not, this is the team that will be leading our Commonwealth for the next four years. The RTD has this little profile on the three. It notes interestingly that none of the three men were actually born in the Commonwealth.

The relationship between Kaine and Bolling will certainly be the most interesting to watch since Bolling may well have some sway over how smoothly Kaine's agenda advances in the General Assembly.

In addition, Warner's decision last week to call for DNA testing of an executed individual may well set up an interesting confrontation between Tim Kaine and Bob McDonnell. While the RTD article notes that both men are Roman Catholics, don't make the mistake of thinking that will make the task of squaring their death penalty stances any easier.

I am not one who believes that Bolling and McDonnell will go out of their way to undermine Kaine's governorship in hopes that he fails miserably and one of them might be elected afterwards. However, I don't expect them to make his life a bed of roses either.


Blogger citizenfreedom said...

Attention All Fellow True Lynchburg Republicans:

For anyone who is interested, several friends and myself will be meeting at my place on Moreview drive all day tomorrow and Tuesday (both days starting at 12:30) to canvass Lynchburg Wards III and IV to petition support for “writing in” Robert Garber, the only genuine Conservative candidate, for House of Delegates in the 23rd District Special Election on January 10.

Why? Because in our view, Mike Harrington deserves just as little support as the Democrat candidate. If you are truly pro-Life and pro-family, you will check the record and recognize that the Harrington family, including his own wife, has contributed heavily to Planned Parenthood and its pro-ABORTIONIST agenda over the years. DO NOT let Mike Harrington pull the wool over your eyes now that he covets political office a decade later!

I do not care who calls us “spoilers” in this election. Mike Herrington has done nothing to convince us that he has separated himself from the extreme pro-abortionist Planned Parenthood agenda, AND he has insulted the Conservative cause by refusing to sign a no-tax pledge!

Show that you will NOT stand for candidates like Harrington his past history of BETRAYAL to those who support positions in support of LIFE and the pre-born! Please join us in “writing in” the name of Senator Newman’s first choice, Councilman Robert Garber.

If you would like to join our petition drive neighborhood walk Monday or Election Day, please email me at and I will be happy to provide you with directions or a list of addresses or phone numbers.

6:05 PM

Anonymous GOPMajorityDefender said...

Citizen Freedom is obviously a partisan Dem who knows Valentine is toast. Robert Garber has endorsed and is supporting Mike Harrington for Delegate.

10:42 AM


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