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Friday, January 27, 2006

Is Hillary Doomed?

A CNN/Gallup poll released this week showed that 51% of Americans said that they would DEFINITELY NOT vote for Hillary Clinton for President in 2008. I don't care how you spin it, that number is pretty sobering. Now I don't think that number is necessarily solid, but it's definitely not a good place to start for teh presumptive Democratic nominee.

The problem Democrats have is that, beyond Hillary who is their best alternative? Would they go with past losers Gore, Kerry or Edwards? Should they choose the talkative Joe Biden? What about the anti-charismatic Evan Bayh? Or perhaps the future lies with the "southern moderate" Mark Warner.

Democrats should be concerned that Hillary seems to have the nomination on lock-down despite the fact that she appears unelectable to much of America. Fortunately, I doubt they'll be able to do anything about it.


Blogger James Young said...

Don't forget: the Great Prevaricator never won a majority, either. If a Ross Peron... er, Perot-type gets in, he or she could swing the election to the Lady McBeth of Little Ro... er, Chappaqua.

10:30 PM

Blogger James Young said...

And to answer you title question: Only if God really loves America.

6:25 PM

Blogger spankthatdonkey said...

"If a Ross Peron... er, Perot-type gets in"

Unfortunately, you are dead on with that prediction... I imagine a Wesley Clarke or anyone that can appeal to RINO voters is in the offing.... The MSM will talk it up like crazy looking for the Perot effect... 08' is critical for the Supreme Court, or the Libs, are in for a "sea change" there.... that will take years to reverse

10:10 PM


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