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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Gregg Williams is being groomed reports that part of Gregg Williams' new contract with the Redskins is the provision that, if he is still with the team when Joe Gibbs retires and he is not named Gibbs' successor, then he shall receive $1 million.

That's a pretty nice guarantee and it virtually ensures that the Redskins will likely have stability at the coaching position for some years to come, something that has escaped the team since Gibbs' first retirement. This is a great deal for Williams who will have the opportunity to take over one of the NFL's all-time greatest franchises, unless he foolishly decides to leave and try his hand somewhere else.

While some might be concerned by Williams' 17-31 record as head coach of the Buffalo Bills, I firmly believe that Williams will be able to learn a great deal from that humbling experience as well as by roaming the sidelines with Gibbs for a couple more years.

I believe that the powerful mojo of Coach Gibbs has finally vanquished the bad karma of Little Danny Snyder and that the Skins are now headed back in the right direction. It's about time.


Blogger Shaun Kenney said...

I've been beating this drum all year long.

It says an awful lot for Coach Williams to stick around Washington when he could practically have gone anywhere he wanted.


11:56 PM

Blogger Bwana said...

Regarding those who do not think Coach williams will be a good coach based on his Buffalo record, let's not forget that Coach Bill Belichik did not begin his head coaching career at New England, where he has won three superbowls and had a 73-33 record over the past six seasons (and playoffs).

His first stint was with Cleveland, where he was 37-45 over five years, and 20-28 in his first three (very similar to 17-31). Then he went back to school on staff with Parcells,whom he succeeded at New England...

We know if one is willing to learn then growth, change, and improvement is possible. It happened with Belechik...I bet it happens with Williams.

12:00 PM


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