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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Freedom and Prosperity Agenda

I have been informed that members of the General Assembly were hard at work putting together legislation intended to advance each of the 11 planks of the Freedom and Prosperity Agenda in the upcoming session. I had intended to do some research today to find out precisely which bills corresponded to which planks. Fortunately, I read One Man's Trash first and saw that Norm has already done the legwork. With apologies to Norm for my free-riding (though I've added links so you can read the bills for yourself), here they are:
· Eliminate the War of 1812 tax (BPOL) – Del. Tim Hugo, bill number has not been assigned yet

· Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) – will not be introduced until the next session of the General Assembly

· Eliminate the Death tax – Del. Bob Tata, HB 40

· Eliminate the prepayment of the Sales and Use tax – Del. Tom Gear, bill number has not been assigned yet

· Redefine and limit the public uses for which private property may be confiscated – Thirteen bills have been introduced that relate to this topic. In the coming days we will endorse one of the following or, in fact, one or more of these bills may be merged together:

– Del. Steven Landes, HB 924;

– Del. Salvatore Iaquinto, HB 902, HB1278

– Sen. Ken Cuccinelli, bill numbers not assigned

· Constitutional Amendment to base real estate taxes on the acquisition value of the property – Del. Jeff Frederick, HJ 56

· Parental choice in education – Sen. Stephen Martin, SB 189

· Protect the transportation trust fund with a Constitutional Amendment – Sen. Jay O’Brien, SJ 49

· Proposals for new taxes must contain sunset provisions – Del. Jack Reid, HB 1052

· Freedom and Fiscal Accountability Act for Virginia’s Public Colleges and Universities – will not be introduced until the next session of the General Assembly

· Eliminate the Car tax – Del. Mark Cole, HB 140
This is a great place to start in terms of a conservative agenda for this session. It is imperative that the GOP be on the offensive with a positive vision for Virginia's future. Governor Tim Kaine MUST work with the GOP in order to get anything done, so let's use that to our advantage. If we sit back and become a Commonwealth version of the national Democratic party by simply yelling "NO!" at everything that comes down the pike, we will be in great danger of losing the General Assembly in '07. Now is the time to advance our conservative vision for expanding freedom and limiting the extravagant and irresponsible use of resources by our state government.


Blogger James Atticus Bowden said...

This is a super agenda. You might want to make a matrix to see how many get killed by RINOs in the Senate and which ones, if any, advance to the Governor's veto pen. I'm not kidding. For the sake of every Republican sheep bleating 'unity' when it comes to running Republican challengers to RINO incumbents you need to keep these bill trackings public.

3:34 PM

Blogger Norman said...

You give me far more credit than I deserve -- thank John Taylor (or probably Lynn) for putting it together.

And thanks for adding the links to the bills.

You're exactly right (so to speak) when you say this is an opportunity to advance the conservative vision. I only hope there's enough Visene in the GA for them to see it, grab it and move forward.

3:36 PM

Anonymous Chris said...

Naturally I want all these bill to pass, but even if they don't it will force members of the Assembly, especially Republicans, to put their cards on the table and vote. Also, I like it because we are taking the fight TO Tim Kaine, not letting Kaine smack us around the way Warner did. Great job by everyone in the GA who is involved in this.

8:40 PM


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