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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Conservatives on Mark Warner

National Review Online has two interesting articles this morning on our former Governor and his future political prospects.

Jim Geraghty looks at how Warner's particular brand of politics plays with the Howard Dean wing of the party. Meanwhile a portion of John J. Miller's article from the most recent National Review looks at Warner's prospects for 2008 against the juggernaut that is Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately you can't read the whole article online, for that you'll just have to pick up the magazine.

It is interesting that even conservatives are beginning to notice Mark Warner's potential for being the anti-Hillary, particularly in light of HRC's embarrassing "plantation" comment this week. If Mark Warner is somehow able to grab his party's nomination for President in '08, just remember who he'll have to thank for it. That's right, a group of Virginia Republicans, who single-handedly turned a floundering Governorship without any major successes into a supposed "blueprint" for Democratic success in the South.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey check the Richmond T_D. Tyler Whitely's story on the Virginia Center for Politics poll shows that Warner leads Allen 49% to 32%. Last july a T_D poll showed Warner over Allen 47% to 42%.

Hmmmm....Cowboy boots of clay? Brokeback Mountain flashback?

11:27 AM

Blogger James Atticus Bowden said...

So Warner didn't challenge Allen in 06 for the Senate because he needs to not be bothered with a day job when he is running for President. Warner didn't run against Allen head to head in Virginia because he would lose.

5:01 PM

Blogger James E. Martin said...

OK, he's 5-10 points ahead in the polls and has an approval rating 20 points higher than George 'redneck' allen and you think he didnt run because he would lose? Senators dont get elected president, governors do.

6:23 PM

Blogger James Young said...

Perhaps you're too young to remember, nova democrat, but George Allen WAS Governor. And unlike Marky Mark, he kept his promises.

However, your point about Senators is generally a correct one, at least since Kennedy was elected in 1960.

9:46 PM


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