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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Alito time!

Confirmation hearings for Judge Samuel Alito begin this week, which will explain those strange sounds you'll hear emanating from our nation's capital as liberals go to '10' on the freak-out scale.

Be sure to follow all the fun over at great blogs like Redstate's ConfirmThem and NRO's Bench Memos. In the meantime read this column by Rich Lowry to prepare for all the liberal talking points


Blogger Madisonian said...

It surprises me how very old Ted Kennedy looks. Any chance he is being kept alive, Weekend-at-Bernies style, for the duration of the hearing?
Also, while I have happen to dislike Schumer, you got to respect his ability to love the sound of his own voice, and get indignant before hearings even begin.

2:43 PM


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