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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Three New Movie Trailers

Being the geek fanboy that I am, winter is always a time for looking forward to next summer's cheesy popcorn flicks. Sure, I'm as excited about King Kong as anyone, but what I really long for is the mindless explosions, CGI and logic- and physics-defying silliness that define the summer movie season.

Ain't It Cool points us towards some early teaser trailers for three of next summer's biggest blockbusters-in-waiting: X-Men 3, Mission Impossible 3, and Miami Vice. And to answer your question, No, there aren't any original ideas in Hollywood.


Blogger Madisonian said...

I'm sorry, I just can't get on board with Colin Farrell as Crockett. The look is wrong, the accent is wrong, the whole thing is just wrong.
Also, if you read the story on the website, it's sounds only vaguely related to the original. It doesn't sounds like there will be a lot of Crockett and Tubbs just driving around in cool cars and beating up pimps. I'll bet Crockett even wears socks. Shame.

10:24 AM


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