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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Switched to Mozilla Firefox

I've never been one of those "Microsoft is ruining the world" type of guys.

However, after acquiring some sort of spyware that causes constant pop-ups, and after being unable to fix it despite three days of efforts, I've given up.

Firefox is now the only browser on my laptop.


Blogger Old Zach said...

Firefox hasn't fixed the problem on my computer, I'm still getting the popups despite running every anti-spyware program known to mankind.

12:32 PM

Blogger CR UVa said...

This is one area where having an Apple can be a serious advantage. Though I do not use Firefox (I never have been able to feel like I could really "connect" with it as a browser), my current web browser blocks almost all pop-ups (somehow, a few still manage to slip through), and spyware is not an issue at all (nothing can be downloaded to my computer without my confirmation). Though, I suspect this might not be a viable solution for everyone, as it is not cheap to buy a new computer.

And right now, I suspect that spyware programming is getting better, and anti-spyware programs have not yet caught up. I know people do not like to hear this, but if you want to fix this problem, your best option is to back-up your computer and reload the operating system. It is time consuming and can even be stressful, but it would eliminate all the spyware (and viruses and any other crap left on your computer), and the additional use of Firefox after that should keep you protected.

1:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you actually uninstall IE?

11:29 PM

Blogger Addison said...

Yes. I went to add/remove windows components in the control panel and uninstalled IE.

11:12 AM


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