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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Redskins need rooting help

I'm home after attending the early service at church, and I've decided to get motivated about the Redskins wild card chances.

Right now, the Giants, Bears, Panthers and Seahawks lead their divisions, and the Seahawks have already clinched. We'll assume that the Giants, Bears and Panthers will win their divisions.

That leaves five teams at .500 or better. So root for:

the Chiefs over the Cowboys
the Rams over the Vikings
the Saints over the Falcons (MNF)
the Panthers over the Buccaneers

and obviously, the 'Skins over the Cardinals.

That will leave the Cowboys, Vikings, Falcons and Redskins at 7-6, and the Bucs at 8-5.


Blogger GOPHokie said...

Sorry addison, but there is no way I am rooting for a wahoo QB to beat a VT one.
Can't do it.
I wont root against Michael anyway.

6:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can! Them folk, they done gone ahead and graduated.

Go Skins!

7:05 PM

Blogger Addison said...

So the Skins got ZERO help tonight. Bucs, Vikings and Cowboys all won.

I'll do some follow-up analysis, but things don't look good.

8:17 PM

Blogger Willis said...

You cursed 'em, ya bastard!

1:55 AM

Blogger Lighthorse Harry said...

yeah, way to go addison. way to we really need a miracle in the final 3 weeks of the season.

i wish we could have that san diego game back, or maybe the tampa bay game, or...alright, i'll stop. g

3:02 AM


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