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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Open seat in the 23rd?

Chad Dotson is reporting that Delegate Preston Bryant is set to take an appointment in the Kaine Administration today as Virginia's new Secretary of Natural Resources. You'll all remember that Bryant was one of the GOP ringleaders of the effort to support Gov. Warner's massive tax increase two years ago.

The move would be an interesting one by Kaine because it could replace a legislator that might be somewhat friendly to Kaine's administration and replace him with one that is not so friendly. The 23rd House district covers the City of Lynchburg and part of Amherst County and is a fairly conservative district.

With Republicans already hoping for a pick-up in the 3rd House District, and rumors floating about a possible Democratic seat opening up in the very Republican 17th Senate district, one might have to question whether there is a method to Tim Kaine's madness, as he seems set to create a stronger GOP majority in the General Assembly.

With respect to who the GOP will run in the 23rd, however, the answer to that question should be obvious: Whomever Jerry Falwell wants to run.


Anonymous Brandon Meyer said...

I'm glad to see Preston go. His opponent in this years primary, Robert Garber, will run, but seeing as how he only collected 25% of the votes, I doubt he could win. Even with Falwell's support, I doubt the GOP will be able to acquire the seat. Preston Bryant was by no means, a Republican. He's a RINO. A democrat and recent Sorenson grad has expressed interest in running, but I've never heard of her. Name familiarity is what the 23rd district is all about.

One candidate that would scare me is Edie Light. She was Bryant's legislative assistant. She was recently knocked off of the State Central Committee by Ben Summers, supposedly for her support of abortion.

That's about I'll I have, but I'll support one of two people. Lynchburg GOP chair Wendell Walker or Bob Garber.

12:20 AM

Blogger Old Zach said...

Thanks for the info, Brandon. Just curious, what other than the tax increase makes you call Bryant a RINO? I got the impression he was well-liked prior to that debacle.

11:23 AM

Anonymous E. C. Glass said...

I don't believe that I'd claim this one for the Republicans, just yet! And I certainly wouldn't think Falwell could dictate the outcome (even though he might think he could).

Preston beat the living crap out of his primary opponent. Do you really think that the opponent will fare better now that his electoral credibility has been eroded?

As for Falwell--Heck he can't even get the City Council to change the name of Candler's Mountain to "Liberty" even though he bought the damned thing.

The fact of the matter is that Preston's district could be Democratic if the right candidate runs. How did that House District go in the gubernatorial race? It was no runaway.

4:26 PM


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