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Monday, December 12, 2005

More on Jackie Stump

Goodwin had the press release, and Brian Patton has a link to WCYB, saying that it is for health reasons.

We certainly wish Del. Stump speedy recovery. He's worked hard and deserves a rest.

If Del. Stump knew that he was retiring, this was an extremely shrewd decision by the Democrats. The 3rd is a Democratic lean, but Jerry Kilgore won it 53-47. I think that the Dems were worried about Kilgore's coattails, and figured their chances were a lot better in a special election than in a general.

UPDATE: I just noticed that, in comments below, Kilo also mentioned Del. Stump's health reasons for resigning.


Blogger GOPHokie said...

I would argue the opposite.
We have a better chance in a special. Extremely low turnout could help us get a shot.
Tiller ran way behind Kilgore in the 2nd, and Annie B probably ran behind him as well. I dont think the coattails wouldnt have given us the seat.
It would have helped the dems from the perspective of knowing the get someone on deck, but it seems this wasn't planned.

9:51 PM


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