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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Kilgore v. Boucher?

Waldo Jaquith drops an interesting nugget here that Jerry Kilgore may be pondering a run against Rick Boucher in the 9th District next year.

We have already heard from Chad that Bill Carrico is planning to run. I image he'd step aside if Jerry decided to jump in. On a related note, I spoke with Kevin Triplett at the Advance this past weekend and asked him whether he was considering another run. He said that the timing wasn't right for his family to get into another campaign so soon but that if Boucher is still around he may challenge him again. I was happy to hear that since I volunteerd for Triplett back in '04 and he made a very respectable showing for a first time candidate.

As far as the possibility of a Kilgore run, I think it would take a lot of guts to get back in the saddle that soon. I think folks in the Fightin' 9th would respect that and there might even be a sense of sympathy for the hometown boy. Considering the fact that in '04 Boucher gained the lowest % of the vote he has since being elected to Congress, Kilgore may have an excellent shot at pulling the upset. And lest you think this is another Jay Katzen in the making, I'll remind you that Katzen did not have nearly the ties to the district that Kilgore does.

I wouldn't blame Kilgore if he sat this one out, but if he took out Boucher he be immortalized in our Party for years to come. Simply the thought makes me smile.


Blogger Sam McCord said...

I've volunteered for the GOP guy in the fighting ninth for the past two elections. I knocked on doors with Jay Katzen in '02, and I dropped lit for KT in '04. I'd be more than excited to go knock on doors for JK.

But it almost sounds too good to be true. I've read about this on Waldo's and on Brian Patton's and while BP cites some evidence of preliminary polling I'll be more excited when I hear it through the GOP's own rumor mill.

I do like that they are underestimating him though.

3:15 PM

Blogger GOPHokie said...

I would be very very surprised if Kilgore runs.
He would be a great candidate, even though I don't think even he could beat Boucher.

4:58 PM

Blogger Lauren O'Neil said...

If not Kilgore, we need another big name candidate to run against Boucher. Or something drastic and amazing needs to happen for the GOP to win in the 9th, because of Boucher's insane popularity.

We'll unseat him someday.

1:57 AM


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