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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Kaine's Administration Filling Out

With today's expected naming of Viola Baskerville to be the Commonwealth's next State Secretary of Administration, Tim Kaine will have filled more than half of the Cabinet level positions in the new administration.

The filled positions are as follows:

Chief of Staff: William H. Leighty
Sec. of Finance:
Jody M. Wagner
Sec. of Natural Resources: Del. L. Preston Bryant Jr.
Sec. of Technology: Aneesh P. Chopra
Sec. of Health and Human Resources: Marilyn B. Tavenner
Sec. of Public Safety: John W. Marshall
Sec. of Administration: Viola Baskerville

Those posts yet to be filled are:

Sec. of Transportation
Sec. of Education
Sec. of Agriculture and Forestry
Sec. of Commerce and Trade
Assistant to the Governor for Commonwealth Preparedness

Of course there are the rumors about Edd Houck for Secretary of Education, what about the rest of these positions?

(Hat Tip to the RTD)


Blogger She Devil Dog said...

Today, Delegate Viola Baskerville joined Delegate Preston Bryant on the cabinet. Also announced today were the reappointment of former delegate Bob Bloxom as Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry and the appointment of VA AFL-CIO president Dan LeBlanc as Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Kaine announced that Bob Crouch will head the preparedness office on December 9th when he announced his "public safety team."

Education, Commerce and Trade and Transportation will finish out the list next week. My sources tell me that Houck will not be at the podium when the appointments are announced.

4:12 PM


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