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Friday, December 02, 2005

Dudley Award Finalists

Today the finalists for the Dudley Award, which goes to the football player of the year at a Virginia college or university, were announced. This year's finalists are Richmond QB Stacy Tutt, Virginia OL D'Brickshaw Ferguson, and Virginia Tech DE Darryl Tapp. Tutt has led the Spiders to an A-10 Championship and the I-AA quarterfinals, Ferguson made the first-team All-ACC squad and is expected to be a first-round NFL Draft pick, Tapp is also a first-team All-ACC player and is a finalist for the nation's top defensive player award. I expect Darryl Tapp will probably win this award.

Last year, a new award was created for the state's top player in Division II or Division III. This was because VT and UVA players kept winning the Dudley and great seasons by lower-division players kept being overshadowed by the bigger schools. This year's finalists for the DII/DIII award are Hampden-Sydney QB J.D. Ricca and W&L WR Jack Martin. It is a shame that no player from Bridgewater College, which won its 5th straight Old Dominion Athletic Conference Championship and received its 6th consecutive trip to the playoffs, was a finalist. However, since the explosive Eagle offense spreads the ball around so much, using two QBs, two RBs, and a platoon of WRs, they don't have one dominant player. I expect Ricca, the senior, to win this award for his fine career with the Tigers.

Incidentally, both Richmond and Bridgewater have playoff games this weekend, while Virginia Tech obviously plays Florida State in the ACC Title game. Good luck to all of those teams on Saturday, represent our Commonwealth well!



Blogger CR UVa said...

Geez, it's bad enough that you are a VT fan, but you also prefer Army to Navy? I feel so distant. Go Navy, Beat Army!

2:55 PM

Blogger Bwana said...

As a BC alum I too think it too bad that no Eagle is being recognized, but I will bet you dollars to donuts that Ricca or Martin would give up the DIII Dudley for the chance to be suiting up tomorrow in Dover for the Southern Region Championship!

I leave at 0700 for the game, and expect a real barnburner!

7:20 PM

Blogger Bwana said...

...and I was wrong. BC got smoked by Wesley 46-7...but the upside was that I may have gottent the chance to see the 2005 DIII National Champion..Wesley looked that good.

10:28 PM


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