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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bloggers, Bloggers Everywhere

On the heels of Not Larry Sabato and CrimLaw getting the Chad Dotson '09 bandwagon rolling (awfully early I might add), two more bloggers appear ready to throw their hats into the ring for elected office.

Amid rumors that 17th District State Senator Ed Houck will take a seat in the Kaine Administration, the Internet's first elected blogger himself floats a couple of other bloggers' names as his possible GOP replacements. Both former YR state chair Jay Hughes and the incomparable Shaun Kenny would make excellent candidates and would (watch out!) give bloggers a foot in the door of the General Assembly.

Bloggers in the statehouse? What next? Men at UVA?


Blogger Lighthorse Harry said...

what a ridiculous and stupid joke, old zach...come're better than that

9:15 PM

Blogger CR UVa said...

Bite me, Old Zach. ;)

10:03 PM

Blogger Not Larry Sabato said...

Shaun isnt even in that Senate district. Who started rumoring him?

11:17 PM

Blogger Chris Porter said...

If it turns into a Spotsy versus rest of the district type nominating contest, and there are multiple candidates from Spotsy, then the odds are good for someone from the rural part of the district (Ed Scott or Tom Garrett) to win.

9:23 PM


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