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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Blog Rankings

The Blue Dog has posted his latest ranking of the top blogs in Virginia. Frankly, we like the old rankings better, but the blogosphere has certainly evolved significantly since then. Personally, I'd place our blog a little higher but I certainly have no beefs with any of the top four on the Blue Dog's list. Frankly, we never believed we were #1, Chad Dotson continues to set the standard in Commonwealth blogging and the rest of us are just racing to keep up.

One blog on this list I do have a problem with is the Republitarian. As far as I'm concerned, bloggers like Myron Rhodes give the rest of us a bad name. I often enjoy reading thoughtful, insightful commentary from non-Republican bloggers like Waldo Jaquith and Ben Tribbett, but Republitarian is neither of those things. His ill-informed, personal attacks and egomaniacal rantings add nothing to the political discourse. His online tabloid may provide for some entertainment, but like those magazines at the supermarket checkout counter, they offer nothing of substance. Certainly blogs like Shaun Kenney, South of the James and Bearing Drift are more deserving of placement on such a list.


Blogger Steven said...

I'm still a big fan! The SST blog is a blue dog's daily dozen and a must read in the morning hours.

However, the college football blogging is not amusing as the political postings. And I'm a VT fan.

Like them or not, Myron Rhodes and David Briggman have the best blog in the Central Shenandoah Valley.

South of James and Bearing Drift are favorite as well.

~ the blue dog

8:24 AM

Blogger Old Zach said...


Maybe its just that I don't read Republitarian on a regular basis (I usually only go there when someone links them). However, it seems to me like everytime I go to that blog it is just Myron airing his personal grudges and trying to stir up trouble against local Republicans. I have yet to see him offer solutions to any of the things he seems so upset about in the local party. It doesn't help that he claims to be a Republican yet all he does is attack Republicans.

By the way, How many other blogs are there in the Central Shenandoah Valley?

9:56 AM

Blogger GOPHokie said...

Probably me. Mine isnt only for the Valley too.

11:28 AM

Blogger Shaun Kenney said...

Republitarian had a remarkably offensive comment on my site regarding Catholics.

Guess that earns points somewhere.

Ah, the adolescent confusion between popularity and notoriety...

Regarding SST, it's one of the old standbys. You guys are on my blog aggregator FWIW.

11:41 AM

Blogger said...

Thanks for the shout-out folks! Y'all are among my favorite conservative blogs, and are a daily must-read. Actually, though I'm not a conservative, I read more right-leaning blogs than left, and I actually have more GOP/conservative contributors on my blog than centrists or lefties. Go figure...

-- Conaway

3:11 PM

Blogger Steven said...

SST: There are very few valley blogs -- . The blog roll call is (1) gophokie, (2) fractured nation, (3) the commonwealth iconclast and (4) the yd 6th district committee.

The republitarian is a local legend on the airwaves of WSVA's candid comment. His live comments on the radio are hilarious, but don't seem to have the same effect on the blog.

Don't judge him to harshly, Myron is a good person.

~ the blue dog

4:13 PM


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