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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Two thoughts on the lingering AG's Race

1) SBE is showing different results than at least one county webpage. As of right now, 8:17, the SBE webpage has Bob McDonnell up by 1585 votes. If you look at Henrico County on SBE, the vote tally is 45,618 to 43,088, a margin of 2530. However, if you look directly at Henrico County's own tally, the numbers are 45,641 to 43,701, a margin of 1940.

If the numbers on Henrico are right, and the ones on SBE are wrong, then the margin is more like 1000 votes.

2)This summer, Project Vote worked voter registration in Norfolk, registering poor and minority people. The Norfolk registrar threw out 6000 registrations.
Norfolk had 6,064 applications this year that couldn’t be processed immediately – 55 percent of all new applications – which is significantly higher than other cities in the region.

Long has said fewer than 1,000 of the 6,064 were outright denials, which occurs when the applicant is a convicted felon, underage, judged mentally incompetent or a non citizen.

The other applications in question – the majority – were either incomplete or ambiguous.
The Advancement Project filed suit last Friday to get the applications reinstated. This last ditch lawsuit was denied on Monday.

I have no idea on whether any of these people cast provisional ballots. If they have, it's likely that a fair portion of them were Deeds' votes.


Blogger Not Guy Incognito said...

Interesting. Something tells me this is going to take a while to get straight. Any word if ALL of the absentee ballots have come in?

10:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, ALL of the absentee ballots have come in.

Look at the SBE and local unit totals, they are listed under "Central Absentee".

10:07 AM


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