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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rep. Tom Tancredo asks Paul McNulty to investigate Herndon Day Laborer Center

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) alleged that the planning and construction of the Day Laborer Center in Herndon, Virginia may violate federal criminal conspiracy laws. Tancredo urged U.S. Attorney Paul McNulty to initiate an investigation of the Herndon city council’s action, in a letter sent today. The full text of the letter is reprinted below:

Dear Mr. McNulty:

As you know, a substantial number of members of Congress are concerned with the recent marked increase in the number of illegal aliens in the United States, and not least with a) their adverse effect on the job market for all Americans legally in this country and b) the extent to which this growing presence implies the routinized and systemic violation of an entire range of critical Federal laws.

I write to you in this regard and in particular to bring to your attention a matter involving a locality within your jurisdiction, the town of Herndon, Virginia.

In August, despite the opposition of the local Planning Commission and the vast majority of Herndon citizens who spoke in public hearings on the issue, certain members of the Herndon Town Council (hereinafter, the "Sanctioning Council Members") voted to approve a zoning application to establish a day-labor hiring center (hereinafter, the "DLC") in Herndon, submitted by an organization (hereinafter, "PHH") interested in obtaining a $170,000/year contract from Fairfax County to operate that DLC.

The entire letter is here.


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