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Friday, November 11, 2005

Post-election News from Around the Commonwealth

I was tied up the past couple days so here are just a few stories you should check out if you haven't done so already:

Ken Hutcheson can't believe Virginians voted for Hitler.

Time it takes Tim Kaine to introduce the possibility of new taxes: one day

Bolling says: "I will enforce the rules of the Senate." Translation: "Your ass is mine, Russ."

Deeds want deceased canine votes counted.

Leftover campaign signs are messing with Winchester's Feng Shui.

The WaPo wastes no time beating the Warner for President drum. Michael Shear gushes like a teenage girl.

Chris Graham chimes in with the Valley perspective.

Useless facts, courtesy of the Virginian-Pilot. What else is new?


Anonymous Tugboat Phil said...

Great article on Warner for 08. He talked about his agenda for the next 2 months. Hopefully he can install some more "Crooked Road" music history signs in Southwest Virginia. Gotta get those tourists to come look at all the closed factories here, in the New River Valley and Southside. That Mark Warner, he's just like us real Virginians! Soon to be unemployed.

8:25 PM

Blogger Adam Gurri said...

I have a criticism of the specific article that you linked to as evidence that Kaine has already proposed a tax increase.

The post on it is here, if you are interested. If not, you may of course ignore me at your leasure; just putting in my two cents.

3:13 PM


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