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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

More VT-UVA stuff

Here are a few columns from around the state focusing on this weekend's rivalry game between Virginia and Virginia Tech.

Since these rivalries always bring out such great memories, the Augusta Free Press has smartly tapped the radio voices for the Hokies and Hoos, Bill Roth and Mac McDonald, for their favorites. I personally remember being at that VT-UVA game in 1998 and I'll never forget the hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach after the Hokies lost that one.

Bob Lipper from the RTD focuses on the coaching matchups and gives the edge to the Hokies on that mark. It's hard to argue with Beamer's 3-1 record against Coach Groh, with the one Hoo victory being against 2003's spectacularly imploding Hokie squad.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post focuses on the Hokies' long-term goal of reaching a BCS bowl. Anybody think Coach Beamer will ever weigh in on that debate again? Me either.

Finally, I want to point out a fantastic effort to use this rivalry for the good of others in the Second Annual Hokies vs. Hoos for the Hungry competition. Right now the Hokies are well in the lead, but there is still plenty of time to contribute. Let's just hope we don't need a recount for this one.


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