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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Let's Look At Some Numbers

Okay, I'm going to try to rise above how I feel right now and look at things rationally. So here is the breakdown by congressional district in the Gubernatorial race. Compare those to the numbers by congressional district for Bush/Cheney last year. You can see the problem.

For the lazy ones, here's the rub. In the Republican strongholds of the 6th and 9th congressional districts, Bush pulled 63% and 59.5% respectively. In those same two districts, Jerry Kilgore pulled 53% and 55% respectively. Kilgore lost 10 points in the Shenandoah Valley and couldn't outpoll the President in his home district. Let's also look at the fairly conservative 5th congressional district, where Bush garnered 56% of the vote. Kilgore LOST that district with 48.5% of the vote to Kaine's 49.5%.

These numbers are pretty damning. Obviously the voter turnout this year was much lower than in '04. However, it looks as if it was mainly those who voted Republican in '04 who either stayed home or switched over.

If you are interested in the voting results by locality, those are available here. Not surprisingly, Scott County was Kilgore's strongest locality giving him 73.5%, while Kaine's highest percentage came from the City of Petersburg with 82%. Incidentally, Russ Potts biggest percentage was in the City of Winchester with nearly 13%.


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