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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Kilgore fighting for Northern Virginia

Despite the Washington Post's best efforts to crown Tim Kaine the victor, there are still seven days left of campaigning, and Jerry Kilgore will be working hard right up until the last second. Today, the RTD describes Kilgore's efforts to mine votes in Northern Virginia by focusing on two issues that affect many lives in the region, transportation and illegal immigration.

Unlike his opponent, Jerry Kilgore has a real plan to address our Commonwealth's transportation needs. Tim Kaine's plan would involve him twiddling his thumbs, letting others do the heavy lifting, watching the problem exacerbate over four years, and then passing it off to the next administration.

Contrary to what the Democrats would have you believe, Jerry Kilgore recognizes the valuable contributions that legal immigrants have always made and will continue to make to our nation. However, Jerry won't stand idly by and watch others break the law, only to be encouraged and rewarded by local governments thereby taking away valuable resources from legal residents of our communities.

The fact that Kilgore is bringing the battle to Kaine's turf is a good sign. Kilgore knows that by keeping the margin close in NoVa, the Red parts of the state will determine the winner.

In truth, I wonder how strongly Northern Virginia voters will even turn out this year. As a whole, I perceive that turnout is expected to be relatively light around the Commonwealth. As someone who has lived in NoVa, I can attest that getting to the polls there is an even greater inconvenience than it is elsewhere. One has to question whether an unmotivated electorate will even bother making the effort in that region, thereby further boosting Kilgore's chances.


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