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Thursday, November 17, 2005


As I expected, now that the election is over bloggers around the state are engaging in some serious self-analysis. Chad Dotson, Jaded JD, Shaun Kenny, and others are leading the discussion about our esteemed Virginia blogosphere and where we go from here.

I am sure that this will be the topic of discussion for some time to come as the blogosphere continues to define its role and identity in the political process.

In the meantime, I join The Jaded JD in stating:
[Old Zach] is not, has never been, and never will be compensated by . . . any . . . politician or aspirant to public office, or any affiliated organizations, in exchange for the views expressed on this site or elsewhere.

I have no qualms about saying I am a Republican, and I support the Republican Party of Virginia and its candidates. However, I hope our readers will understand and accept that I have no financial interest in anything that is posted on this blog. The views expressed by Old Zach are purely my opinions, and should be regarded as such.


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