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Friday, November 11, 2005

HAHA - NPR "mischaracterizes" Tim Kaine as pro-life

Apparently, a liberal media watchdog is upset that NPR called Tim Kaine pro-life.
National Public Radio's (NPR) Morning Edition misrepresented Virginia Governor-elect Timothy M. Kaine's position on abortion. On November 10, NPR national political correspondent Mara Liasson falsely described Kaine -- who supports legal access to abortion -- as "pro-life." On November 11, NPR religion correspondent Barbara Bradley Hagerty drew a false dichotomy between Kaine's position on abortion and that of the Democratic Party. Bradley labeled Kaine "an unusual candidate," claiming that "he opposes abortion in a party that supports it."
Hat tip to Raising Kaine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surely NPR can be forgiven for reading Tim Kaine's web site, or listening to him in the debates, or in his stump speech in the south.

He is "pro-life". He also supports keeping abortion legal, but not in those terms. He is right on the same page as Howard Dean, who spent time trying to explain how being "pro-choice" is not inconsistant with being "pro-life", and in fact "pro-choice" is not really the correct term.

Tim Kaine is pro-life. He believes abortion is murder. He says so, but he said that he doesn't think he should impose his personal views on the state.

Those folks over at Raising Kaine better re-check their talking points, Howard Dean explained all this and they apparently didn't get the message. It's not "pro-choice", its "keep government out of the private decisions between a doctor and his patient".

It's one of the few times that one of Howard Dean's crazy ideas actually has some kernel of sanity -- selling privacy is a lot easier than selling murder.

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