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Monday, November 14, 2005

Getting There From Here

The Washington Post has this article about the fortunes of the anti-tax challengers in this year's HoD elections. The Post makes an interesting point that it may not be the candidates themselves who the voters rejected, but rather the way their message was delivered. I certainly agree that Virginia voters aren't running out and pleading for higher taxes. I firmly believe that if we deliver the Republican message in a way people can understand and identify with, we will win in Virginia the vast majority of the time. Perhaps a new approach is needed as we take stock of our Party.

ODBA member Shaun Kenny believes that Senator Allen can lead the charge for Republicans under a banner of Jeffersonian Conservatism. Chad Dotson offers another suggestion for a call to arms. Meanwhile another blogger I've just discovered, The Mason Conservative, weighs in with his suggestions on how Republicans can gain back some ground in NOVA.

All good suggestions, and all should be considered in the coming debate over the direction of our party. Remember, that steel is strongest which has been forged by fire.


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