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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Deeds gets whipsawed on guns

Right at the same time that Mayor Wilder declined to endorse Creigh Deeds, the Virginia Citizens Defense League announced that they were changing their AG's endorsement from neutral to an outright endorsement of Bob McDonnell. Apparently, the VCDL's misunderstood Deeds' opposition to one of their planks, and he asked that the answer be changed to reflect opposition to VCDL's position.
Correcting the mistake in the VCDL survey results for Creigh Deeds has shifted the balance between Senator Deeds and Delegate Bob McDonnell in the race for Attorney General. As a result, VCDL-PAC has decided to endorse the Republican Candidate Bob McDonnell for Attorney General. Please contact the McDonnell Campaign at 757-499-2944 and offer to help out with any of the following necessary campaign tasks:
-- put up a yard sign
-- stuff envelopes, make telephone calls, put up signs
-- man polling places
-- make a financial contribution to the candidate
-- call your friends and every pro-gun voter you know and urge them to vote.


Blogger LONGWATCH said...

Can the Deeds campaign say 'oops'? At least they were honest, or trying to get the Wilder endorsement. What is also interesting is if Kilgore has lost the support of some gun owners particularly after his refusal to fill out pro gun candidate surveys and his campaign's attack on the president of VCDL, Philip Van Cleave. My response to that attack will be to write in Philip Van Cleave's name next tuesday.

2:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those guys are CRAAAAAAAZY

9:34 AM


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