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Sunday, November 13, 2005

The BCS Bailout and a Legend Grows

Well, the BCS has seemingly escaped disaster yet again after unbeaten Alabama fell to LSU this weekend 16-13 in OT. USC and Texas remain the lone unbeaten teams and are unlikely to lose, setting them up for a big-time Rose Bowl matchup for the National Championship.

However, just because the BCS escaped the type of turmoil that has plagued the system the past two years, doesn't mean the system"works." The BCS continues to have the potential for making big mistakes and leaving worthy teams out of Championship consideration. That inevitibility should be enough to cause college football fans to demand a better solution. I believe that solution is the BCS + 1 system that I mentioned earlier. USC and Texas are certainly the most deserving teams this year, but it doesn't change the fact that the BCS remains an accident waiting to happen.

Elsewhere this weekend, the Legend of Steven Orr Spurrier logged another page in the annals of college football history. I love this man. Steve Spurrier belongs in college football. The game just wasn't the same without him and I could not be happier that he decided to return to the game for another go. Spurrier simply brings a certain flash and spark to the college football landscape that is unmatched among coaches in my lifetime. By leading the South Carolina Gamecocks to a tremendous upset victory over his former team, the Florida Gators, teh evil genius Spurrier has shown the world that he hasn't lost a step to the game's young coaching phenoms like Florida's Urban Meyer. He also showed that his tough two seasons in the NFL haven't taken away a bit of his passion for the game. Now, just think about what Spurrier will be able to do with his own recruits.

God bless you, Steve Spurrier, and welcome back.


Anonymous Chad said...

Agreed. Spurrier's a spectacular coach. Anyone that could win football games at Duke deserves his own wing in the hall of fame.

4:19 PM

Blogger CR UVa said...

I'd suggest amending that Chad. Spurrier is a spectacular college coach. I'm surprised he did not set the Redskins further back than he did, though I guess we can blame a truly spectacular coach, Joe Gibbs, for that.

And it would be very interesting to see if either USC or Texas were to lose. There are a lot of one-loss teams out there right now, and that battle would be even more hard fought than if there were multiple unbeatens. It is definitely time for a playoff system, and a loss by either of those teams would only further prove it.

4:25 PM

Blogger Shaun Kenney said...

Sorry, I'm still of the opinion that Spurrier could have been a great NFL coach anywhere else in the league but Washington.

I was watching the UVA game and the announcers were talking about Spurrier's return to college ball. What was the difference? "In college football, you're allowed to coach," Spurrier replied.

Ouch. Same complaint Turner and Schottenheimer had. Wonder if Gibbs has the same complaint (hope not)?

9:53 PM

Anonymous Mike B said...

As a South Carolina grad living in Old Dominion, I am ecstatic over Coach Spurrier's leadership of this team. Most people outside of SC forget that this was a football team in disarray heading into this season... The 2004 season-ending fourth quarter brawl with Clemson the day after the infamous Ron Artest incident, Lou Holtz retiring, and then NCAA rules violations commited under Holtz's watch when certain players who were failing academically were allowed to play. Spurrier came in, kicked the troublemakers off the team, and played guys who earned their way on the team. Granted, Tennessee is down this year and Florida is adjusting to Mayer, but Spurrier outcoached Mayer. Mayer set up his defense in a soft zone to take away the pass. Spurrier said, "OK, we're going to run." Brilliant move by a brilliant coach. GO COCKS!!!! BEAT CLEMSON!!!

10:03 AM


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