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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

An Attack on Illegal Immigration is NOT an Attack on Immigrants

Democrats are attempting to paint Kilgore and the GOP ticket as anti-immigrant and even anti-hispanic for arguing against attempts to coddle those who break the laws of our nation.

Let us be very clear: what we are talking about here is ILLEGAL immigration. We are talking about individuals who have broken the law. Tim Kaine and his ticket-mates want to reward these people. Jerry Kilgore wants to aid the federal government in enforcing the laws and not give people incentives to break it. To say that the state can do nothing about illegal immigration is false and naive.

Certainly immigrants have always been an important part of the unique fabric of our nation. A sensible immigration policy lends to the strength and diversity of our Commonwealth. Those who come to this nation legally contribute a great deal to our society and many of them appreciate the wealth of opportunities this nation provides them. Illegal immigrants, however, free ride on the efforts of those here legally to create opportunities for success. Allowing and encouraging this conduct does a disservice to legal immigrants who work hard and respect our nation's laws.

The Republican ticket acknowledges the contributions of legal immigrants and supports focused legislation to punish those who flout the law. The Democrats, meanwhile, would simply ignore the problem caused by illegal immigration and allow localities to sanction thier conduct with our tax dollars. That is the wrong approach for Virginia.


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