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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Alito-Virginia Connection

I have to direct you to a wonderful new blog to which I was just introduced (Thanks, T!) that has some great information, analysis and insight about our newest Supreme Court nominee, Judge Alito.

The blog is entitled Underneath Their Robes and is the extremely good work of a conservative female who calls herself Article Three Groupie. Though Old Zack is slightly annoyed by A3G's constant references to herself in the third person, Old Zack is willing to let it slide because the blog is so chock-full of interesting and humorous commentary about the federal judiciary.

Be sure to check out A3G's post about what Alito's clerks have to say about him (especially the liberal ones), as well as this interesting post about Alito's family. Turns out, Judge Alito has a connection to the Commonwealth as his son is a student at the University of Virginia.

I just knew a man of such impeccable qualificiations had to have some tie to our great Commonwealth. Confirm this man, quickly!


Blogger GOPHokie said...

No one is perfect I guess.
He can't help if his son is a little misguided.
j/k guys

11:54 PM

Anonymous Old Zach's Dad said...

Old Zach: Are you aware that JudgeAlito's wife's maiden name is Bomgardner, a close varieation of that proud Virginia family name of Bumgardner?

10:48 AM


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