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Friday, October 14, 2005

Remember Me?

With all the buzz surrounding the Kilgore-Kaine death penalty debate, we don't want people to forget that there are two other statewide races going on for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General.

In the AG race, things have reamined fairly positive as both McDonnell and Deeds have commercials out touting their crime-fighting records. While Deeds has tried to distance himself from his ultra-liberal ticketmates (his commercial gives no indication of which party he is a member of), McDonnell has begun to go on the offensive, arguing that Deeds is trying to pad his "law and order" credentials.

Last week, Senator George Allen stumped with McDonnell, praising McDonnell for his leading role in juvenile justice and parole reforms during Allen's term as Governor. Allen also criticized Deeds for coddling criminals and siding with criminal apologists. Now, McDonnell is focusing on a proposal by Deeds that would have made it easier for prisoners to file frivolous lawsuits against Virginia. Further, McDonnell is pointing out Deeds' vote in support of a moratorium on the death penalty. Meanwhile, Deeds simply continues to try to obfuscate his liberal voting record in Richmond behind an NRA endorsement and a down-home demeanor.

In the LG race, it is no surprise that a desperate Leslie Byrne is trying hard to remove the focus from her own record by launching baseless allegations against her opponent, Bill Bolling. Byrne is by far the most liberal candidate on the Democrat ticket and her only hope is to smear Bolling as much as possible and hope no one finds out anything about her before election day. Keeping with the death penalty meme, Bolling also spotlighted his opponent's record on what has become this year's signature issue. As a member of Congress, Byrne voted for legislation that would have ended the death penalty in 29 states, including Virginia.

While most of the ink is being spilled on Kaine and Kilgore, the four other candidates for statewide office are keeping things interesting. Bolling and McDonnell are looking strong heading into the home stretch, but they'll continue to need our help to be first accross the finish line.


Blogger Politicl.Animal said...

Isn't it true that McDonnell's ad doesn't tell which party he is a member of either?

12:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually Zach, Leslie has always supported the death penalty. She voted for a study to the crime bill to see if it was being administered fairly (thats the vote you site). A few votes later that night, when the federal death penalty came up for a straight vote, Leslie voted to keep it.

I agree with the rest, but the stuff about Leslie is a Bolling stretch to try to fit in with Kilgore and McDonnell. The losers always want to tag along with the cool kids.

8:53 PM

Anonymous sdh said...

Twenty years ago I remember that our newspaper had three reporters assigned, one to each of the three races -- Gov, LG, AG. That produced far more coverage. Of course that year Wilder was making his run for LG, which became a huge story. In those days you even saw local television stations putting reporters and camera operators on the road with candidates. They felt it was their job to provide coverage.

It is the old chicken and egg argument -- do these down ticket races get no coverage because nobody cares? Or do people not care because they get no coverage? Whatever the reason, it seems they cannot buy a front page story or "film at 11" unless there is a huge controversy. It is even tougher for legislative candidates in large metropolitan areas.

10:30 AM


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