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Monday, October 03, 2005

Old Zach's Playoff Predictions

The Major League Baseball playoffs begin tomorrow at about 1:00pm when the San Diego Padres visit St. Louis to face the Cardinals.

The Cardinals might be one of the most boring and little-known teams in Baseball, but they are my favorites to win it all thanks to the weakness of the National League, their consistent play throughout the season, and the experience they have on the bench in the form of Tony LaRussa.

Here are my first round picks:

New York over Anaheim: Once again, the DamnYankees have found their groove just in time for the playoffs. I love the Rally Monkey, but the pinstripes have better pitching and more power at the plate.

Boston over Chicago: Chicago has some good pitchers but the Sawx have a chip on their shoulder and too potent an offense to be completely shut down in this series.

St. Louis over San Diego: Bland, boring, and pretty darn good is an apt description of the St. Louis Cardinals. The cards come to play night in and night out and have the memory of last year's World Series sweep for additional motivation.

Atlanta over Houston: Could this be the Braves' year? Probably not, but they wont have any problems with perrenial playoff choker Houston. The Astros will have a tough time keeping up with the Jones'.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:13 PM

Anonymous Married Man said...

I disagree with your assessment of the Astros. I don't think they'll choke this year. Houston’s superior pitching will carry the day.

7:34 PM

Anonymous Married Man said...

Everyone else... I think you hit the head on the nail.

7:35 PM


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