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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Miers Withdraws Herself from Supreme Court Consideration

This is according to the AP. This is the right thing to do as it has become clear that she did not have the support of very many conservatives and that her nomination was hurting the President.

Now the question becomes "Who's Next?" Will the President throw some red meat to his base, nominating a hard-line conservative jurist? Or will he attempt to nominate a moderate that would get confirmed quickly and painlessly? Obviously, we hope for the former, but I fear the latter may be more likely, and that in such case we may end up worse off than we would have with Miers.

We shall see.


Blogger Loper Libby said...

Beside the fact that if other potential nominees declined the President's offer before Miers, what solid conservative is going to be willing to go through the nomination process after this debacle?

9:20 AM

Blogger AWCheney said...

I should think that the true controversy regarding her nomination was, in fact, her absolute lack of qualifications for the highest court in the land. Consider a nominee, regardless of political party, who is a corporate attorney with no experience in the judiciary and certainly no experience in Constitutional law, either in Academia OR the Judiciary...what would the opposition party normally say? The fact that the Democrats have, by their silence before she resigned, given their tacit approval should indicate that they didn't view her as a threat on the Court. That alone should have given the Conservatives pause.

6:38 PM


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