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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Liveblogging the Debate

6:58 Roger Clemens is up to bat. Oops, wrong channel, now where the heck is C-SPAN?

6:59 Dateline is covering the Taylor Behl case, more VA-based competition for the debate.

7:00 Sabato gets his time in the sun. Where is NLS? Sabato mentions Potts and the "longstanding" 15% cut-off.

7:02 How has Kaine worked with Warner in a bipartisan manner? They are both Democrats.

7:03 Ouch, Kilgore stumbles out of the blocks

Hurricane Katrina: Kaine cites experience as Richmond mayor (Y2K is a natural disaster?) Kilgore cites experience as Sec. of Public Safety. Pertinent attack on Kaine's management of Hurricane Floyd.

Illegal Immigration: "What part of illegal don't you understand?" Nice.

Death penalty: This issue is a homerun for Kilgore.

Bob Lewis: Doing his best Tim Russert impression. Tim Kaine is a liar. Kilgore has no power to outlaw abortion, nor would he at any time during his term. Nice scare tactic Kaine.

"Found more revenue" There goes the Tim Kaine code-talk. They found it in the pockets of the people of Virginia.

Tim Kaine's eyebrow is the star of the debate so far. Creepy.

Kaine says Kilgore is "making stuff up." The eyebrow is creeping higher by the minute.

Apparently the Attorney General can kill legislation, according to Tim Kaine. Interesting.

Gay marriage and adoption is another winner for Kilgore in this state.

Transportation: This is a key issue in NoVa and Hampton Roads. Good on-point response by Kaine on that one. Kilgore hits the gas tax hard, and for good reason.

College Admissions: It makes a lot of sense for Kilgore to focus on economic rather than race equality.

Kaine: "if I run for Governor" A little late in the game to be on the fence on that one.

"Culture of Life" Innocent children v. Guilty adults. Big difference.

Ouch, attacking Kaine for "walking away from his convictions."

SCORE! "Tim Kaine you are no John F. Kennedy!"

Gas Tax: Another opening for Kilgore. His verbal flubs are really taking away from his ability to hit these points home.

Gubernatorial term limits: I disagree with Kilgore on this one. I prefer the one-term limit. Kaine apparently dozed off while Larry was talking.

Sabato wants to write the election laws himself. Rediculous question.

"Virginians want a work horse, not a show horse."

Now Larry Sabato gets to hear himself talk.


Anonymous Married Man said...

Could Kaine have taken credit for anything that HE did? It sounds like everything that goes right in the state.. he and WarnerKaine can take credit for. Nevermind the cespool of corruption in Richmond. Reality, Kaine had nothing to do with half of what he claims to have done. YOU CAST TIE VOTES IN THE SENATE!!!!! REMEMBER? Or were you snoozing through the last four years like you did during that question in the last 5 minutes?

8:29 PM

Blogger ESQ-JD said...

Unfortun, half of those comments were un-realted to the debate. You might want to set up "word-verif" on the blogger site.

I thought the debate went well, I originally thought Sabato was somewhat biased, but in the end I think he got questions right towards both guys. Having had him in class, he doesn't look any nicer on t.v. either.

Go Kaine!

9:26 PM

Blogger mph said...

I put up a post detailing Kaine's record on Floyd. You can read it fof yourself at TheWitheringLook

10:28 PM

Blogger I'm Not Emeril said...

Old Zach, et al
Nice job live blogging the debate, I was over at Chad's, but it's interesting to note how similar the comments are between the three of us.
Since I switched to I haven't had a single spam comment get through.

9:24 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahahh but remember when he won in a LANDSLIDE??? better luck next time boys

3:15 PM


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