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Monday, October 10, 2005

Kaine's Management Failures

In last night's debate Tim Kaine made it a point to state time and again that Virginia has been named the "best managed state in America." He credited himself and Mark Warner with this accomplishment and told people that if Kilgore were elected, that would all go by the wayside.

However, if one looks closer at Tim Kaine's record one can see that Kaine has absolutely nothing to do with the management success of the Warner administration. First of all, it should be noted that Warner was a successful businessman prior to becoming Governor, so his management skills were expected to be a strength.

On the other hand, Kaine's record of management as mayor of Richmond is one of dismal failure. During his term as mayor, Tim Kaine's city council was wracked with corruption. Kaine has made it a point to say he was never involved with these activities. But ask yourself, what kind of manager allows the people around him to repeatedly violate the law while doing nothing to stop it?

Further, as Kilgore mentioned last night, Richmond had the second worst performing school district in the entire Commonwealth. Kaine says the schools got better, but better is a pretty relative term when you are stuck at the bottom of the pile. What kind of manager does that show Kaine to be?

Next Kaine claimed that he had cut taxes. But as Jerry Kilgore pointed out, it is dishonest to claim credit for cutting a tax here and there when the overall tax burden of your constituents has increased every time you get elected. What kind of manager distorts the facts like this?

Finally, as it pertains to Hurricane Katrina, Kaine claimed that he had experience dealing with disasters and that Virginia would be better off under his guidance in such cases. Over at the website The Withering Look, there is a scathing look at Tim Kaine's record in dealing with Hurricane Floyd in 1999. As Kilgore pointed out last night, the Richmond Times-Dispatch roundly criticized the city's response to Floyd, particularly with respect to the poor and homeless. Is that the kind of managment that Kaine hopes to provide our Commonwealth?

Tim Kaine can wish he was Mark Warner until the cows come home. At the end of the day he's still just a mediocre mayor who wants to be Governor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem is he was mayor under the old system, when in reality he was just the chairman of the city council -- one vote, admittedly one of the sane ones in a sea of insanity. He didn't manage squat, but now he is trying to take credit for some good things and duck behind his minimal role (accurately) when the bad one's come up. He really was a decent and honest city council member, but that has little relationship to the reality of running an enterprise as complex as the Commonwealth, and Kilgore's time in the cabinet and his time at Attorney General are far better prep.

7:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He did nothing to stop it? Oh and Kilgore is Serpicho? Kaine was a swan swimming in a cesspool. He had no power to throw the other bums out. He got stuff done and stayed clean.

10:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about asking Doug Wilder, the ELECTED mayor of Richmond, what Tim Kaine accomplished. I doubt you'll get a very pleasant response. Kaine couldn't throw the bums out, but he could have spoken out against their criminality. That's what a leader would have done. Unfortunately he was a committee manager at best.

11:28 AM


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