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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Is This Thing On?

Over at Bacon's Rebellion, Jim Bacon states what the rest of us know but won't say. This election is as boring as the day is long. Aside from us politicos giving it everything we've got, the average Virginian just isn't enthused by Kilgore v. Kaine. No issue has managed to polarize the public and both candidates are searching desperately for an advantage.

As I have said before, this race will simply come down to turnout. The total numbers are likely to be low, so its all about getting out your base. I contend that this will help Jerry Kilgore. Folks down in Southwest and the Valley are going to be more motivated to go vote for their favorite son (I know Kilgore is not from the Valley, but many voters there identify with him nonetheless). Meanwhile, folks who are on the fence up in Northern Virginia, Tidewater, and Richmond (voters Kaine NEEDS in order to win) are not going to be motivated to fight traffic just to vote for someone they aren't that thrilled about in the first place. Advantage Kilgore.

That said, work remains to be done, so tell your friends and neighbors to slap a bumper sticker on their car, put a sign in their yard, make some phone calls, and stuff some envelopes. Fight to the finish folks.


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