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Saturday, October 08, 2005

In which Marc Fisher explains why the WaPo can't understand Down State

Many of you read this profile of Tim Kaine by Marc Fisher. There's this bit:
At Karen's Diner in Richmond, he digs into a mammoth plate of pigs in blankets (sausages wrapped in pancakes), sips on decaf and talks with relish about the works that propelled him toward law school and a civil rights practice
Later the same day, Fisher hosted a live chat on a variety of topics. It's a great feature, and one of my favorite things about the WaPo webpage. Here's the pertinent exchange:
Washington, D.C.: In your column about Tim Kaine today, you have to explain_ what "pigs in a blanket" are? Who doesn't know that? And if they don't know, what real danger is there in letting them think he's actually eating a live pig and it's wrapped in a cotton blanket?

Marc Fisher: I only explained it because the first four folks I had read the column had no concept of what they were, or assumed that it was a sausage sandwich. Which may reflect wider ignorance or may only tell us that the Post newsroom is not a place of big breakfasters (there's some ad on TV, airing during the baseball playoffs, for a fast food sandwich that involves "meat on top of meat on top of meat," and my kids break into hysterical laughter every time the announcer hits those words.)
With the news staff lacking this basic cultural practice, is it any wonder that they have trouble understanding Virginia politics beyond the Beltway?


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