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Monday, October 17, 2005

How Out of Step is Tim Kaine?

During the recent debate, Jerry Kilgore accurately described his opponent Tim Kaine as the most liberal candidate for Governor in Virginia's history. Kaine has, of course, gone to great lengths to hide his liberal activist past and align himself with the popular Mark Warner, who is perceived as more moderate.

Nowhere is the distinction between Warner and Kaine more evident than on the issue of the death penalty. The Republican Party of Virginia has put together a nice retrospective look at how the past eight Governors of Virginia have felt about the death penalty. The four Republicans and four Democrats who have held office since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976 ALL AGREE in supporting the death penalty.

It should be painfully obvious that Tim Kaine is simply too liberal and too out of touch with the mainstream of Virginians to be trusted to be Governor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew Henry Howell. Henry wasn't what I would call a friend, but we had many friendly conversations. Tim Kaine is no Henry Howell. What happened to the liberals you could admire while you disagree with them? Truman, Stevenson, Humphrey and yes, Howell. "Keep the Big Boys Honest" remains the greatest political slogan in recent Virginia campaigns (with the possible exception of Shad Solomon's "Not Just Another Pretty Face.")

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