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Monday, October 03, 2005

Getting Ahead of Ourselves Aren't We?

Over at Too Conservative, Riley has already started kissing up to Chad Dotson in anticipation of his 2009 AG run. He also floats Bob McDonnell for Governor and Kate Obenshain Griffin for LG.

First of all, lets worry about getting Kilgore, Bolling and McDonnell elected.

However, I like the idea, even if the photoshopping needs a little work. I much prefer McDonnell over Bolling on electability and charisma factors. Chairman Kate would be an excellent choice for LG and Dotson is the bloggers sentimental choice for AG. However, I have a feeling that AG field could be fairly crowded in '09 given the considerable platform it provides from which to mount a Gubernatorial run.


Anonymous Chad said...

What, are you saying that I'm not going to win???


I agree, this is certainly getting ahead of ourselves, but that's what is fun about politics. Heck, I have to win reelection before I could even think about something as far away as a statewide contest.

Let's get Kilgore, Bolling, and McDonnell elected first.

12:00 AM

Blogger Old Zach said...

See Jerry Kilgore, circa 1997.

10:14 AM


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